VICTORY: You helped protect abortion access in Maine

The Maine state House and Senate have both voted to pass LD 1261, to allow nurse practitioners and other qualified advanced practice clinicians (APCs) to provide abortion care, expanding access to needed reproductive health care across the state. The bill faces one more procedural vote and before going to the Governor for her signature. Thank you for taking action!

About LD 1261

This bill will end Maine’s outdated ban on nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians (APCs) providing abortion care in Maine. It will ensure Mainers have access to safe abortion care from qualified, trusted providers in their communities.

Because of limited physician availability in the State, this APC ban significantly constrains where and when abortion care is available in Maine. As a result, many women seeking abortions are faced with delayed access to care, preventing some from obtaining an abortion altogether. These barriers fall hardest on people who already face systemic barriers to health care, including people of color, people living in rural areas, young people and people with low incomes.

Currently, APCs provide a wide range of health services of equal or greater complexity than abortion, including miscarriage management – which is identical to the procedure used for an early in-office abortion. The Maine Medical Association supports this bill, and the world's leading women's health organizations (including the World Health Organization, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) support allowing APCs to provide abortion care in early pregnancy.